"Madagaskar - Insel der Urzeit"

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Content of the photo-video-DVD
01. Interview with Dr. Frank Glaw of the Zoologischen Staatssammlung Munich
02. Madagaskar - acient island
03. Andasibe-Mantadia nationa lpark
04. Between the rainforest and the Indian ocean
05. Ranomafana national park
06. The big South
07. Baobabs and Off-Road-adventure
08. Tsingy de Bemaraha national park
09. Ankarafantsika national park
10. The secret of the panther chameleons
11. Ankarana national park
12. Montagne d´Ambre-nationalpark
13. Angels of the forest (Marojejy national park)
14. Masoala and Nosy Mangabe
15. Completing the loop - Famadiana

List of species
A list - checked by Dr. Frank Glaw - with all species shown on the photo-video-DVD can be downloaded via the following hyperlink: species-list-download (PDF-document)


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Deutsche Version
Die DVD ist auch auf deutsch erhältlich: Link zur Beschreibung auf deutsch

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Short description
In the age of the dinosaurs the supercontinent Gondwana broke apart. Today, a flake of that once vast continent still drifts in the Indian Ocean: Madagascar - The Island of primeval times. "It seems that nature here retreated to a secret hideaway to work on designs that are completely different from anything which evolved elsewhere on this planet. At every turn, you encounter the most bizarre and wondrous forms!”
In the course of earth history, Madagascar, the oldest island on earth, turned into a primeval ark, where due to its isolation and the inaccessibility of its landscape, animals followed a very different evolution than on the mainland.
"Madagascar became home to the last of their kind and untouched by human influence for almost 160 million years, a unique flora and fauna of endemic species evolved.
Madagascar - Island of the primeval - is an encounter with the last of its kind. During our expedition which will takes us through some of the most beautiful National Parks as well as into some hard to reach areas of the island, we are looking out for bizarre creatures such as the nocturnal leaf-tailed geckos or the "Angels of the Forest", the silky sifakas - one of the rarest lemur species on earth.
Madagascar is also home to the "colourful dragons" – the chameleons, whose diversity of species and colors are unique.

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